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Mackinac Island, Michigan

Michigan’s climate can be described as beautiful during the summer months from late May to early Sept. Fall slowly creeps in by September with the trees showing off their beautiful colors.Winter sets in by late Nov and the weather can be quite brutal with temperatures dipping to negative readings(in Fahrenheit!) Snow is a common scene in Michigan and sometimes we can see it as early as September.

Mackinac island is located between the lower and upper peninsula of Michigan. It is best enjoyed in the summer months of Michigan because can be quite brutal. It is situated on Lake Huron and is about 3.8 square miles in area.mackinac_thumb3

We visited Mackinac island in 2004 and again in 2009 and enjoyed mother nature at her best. We reached Mackinac island by a ferry service from the lower peninsula. The unique part about the island is that motored vehicles are NOT allowed on the island. To get around the island, we used bicycles or horse drawn carriages. It was fun to ride on bicycles along the Lake Huron shoreline. Both of my kids were young then and it was an exciting experience to do tandem bike riding around the island with them.

The Mackinac island butterfly house boasts of many butterflies and insects and was another good place to visit.

Butterfly house


The crisp, clear and beautiful waters kept us wrapped in mother nature’s glory. We came back with the very popular ‘Mackinac island Fudge’. This place will  always be in my dreams!

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