Beauty of life in India

After having lived in the US for more than 14 years, we decided to move back to India for a variety of reasons. There were always lingering questions about our ability to adapt to a different lifestyle, for us as parents and the two children. But lo and behold, we all adapted very easily with a few minor hiccups here and there.The city of Bangalore welcomed us warmly by adequately bridging the gap between the West and East.

The beauty of India in my eyes is its simplicity. I see simplicity from the moment I wear my slippers and step out to see the world outside. I see simplicity in not having to dress myself “in layers”. I see simplicity in riding a Ola or Uber or an auto or a bus. I see simplicity in travelling by any means of transportation(like car, train, flights) for travelling long distances. I see simplicity in the way kids play and never having to make “playdates”. I see simplicity in shopping and online grocery stores that deliver items within the specified time period. I also see simplicity in knowing that we can have a comfortable life in India without ever knowing how to drive a car!  I also see simplicity in that I can work or study or do both! It is a never ending list and this has amazed me totally.

What a beautiful country!! I hope you continue to fascinate many others, like you have fascinated me!!

1 thought on “Beauty of life in India”

  1. I too have gone through a similar experience and totally agree with you on the Fact that India is truly a very welcoming country. It’s heritage culture and simplicity is it’s true charm. I had my doubts when I settled here but now when I think about it, this was the best decision I ever made.truly there is beauty in life in India 🙂
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