Niagara Falls, NY

We stayed in the state of New York for quite some time and a visit to Niagara Falls was the most obvious thing to do.

We visited the Falls for a total of three times and each of the visit to the Falls was nothing short of spectacular.

Water has calming and soothing effect and the cascading falls that is depicted in so many Indian movies is sure to blow anyone away. We visited the two major falls on the American side – the American Falls and the  Bridal veil Falls.

The American Falls has a drop of about 100 ft and the power of the water is totally amazing. It is little wonder that the Niagara Falls is a good source of hydro electric power. These are some pictures of the American Falls:




The walk across the Niagara state park was equally mesmerizing as one was able to enjoy the clean and pure environment which refreshed our heart and soul.



The Bridal veil Falls are so named because the Falls resemble the veil of a bride. It is the smallest of the three falls on the American side.


The ‘Cave of the winds’ experience was truely a memorable one. We were taken 175 feet down on an elevator and we could walk to the base of the Falls in special rain gear and get up and close with the Bridal veil Falls!

The Bridal veil Falls from the base
Misty base of bridal veil Falls

The ‘Maid of the mist’ moves from the American Falls, crosses the Horse Shoe Falls and moves directly underneath the Horseshoe Falls. Everyone is provided with a rain coat as one is sure to get drenched as the boat meanders beneath the Falls.


Another gem of a place that will always have a special place in our hearts!

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