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Social media outcasts

When I saw the term “social media outcasts” a few weeks back, I couldn’t help but grin. It perfectly described what “some” of us are.

When social media made a big splash in the early 2000s, many were greatly excited about this new technology. As the educated population in India had moved far and wide across the globe in search of better opportunities, keeping in touch personally was no longer easy.Enter social media channels and sharing pics and chatting in real time was a reality. Lives were better understood, in spite of different time zones.Old friends were re- discovered and getting in touch with them after 30 years through social media was considered a boon! Social media kindled old relationships and made the world a much smaller place.

Who are social media outcasts anyways?

In spite of the several advantages of social media and the very thought that everybody should be on it, there are some of us who stay away from it(yes, they do exist!! :)) I am no means a complete social media outcast, but refrain from sharing all private information. There are still others, who don’t tweet, don’t care about the “likes” or the “followers”or the “views”!! 🙂 yes, they do exist as well!! They are NOT a “digital marketer’s delight” nor a “Data analyst’s ” dream!! as they are not dropping digital bits that can be picked and analyzed.

Reasons for being a social media outcast:

Being an Infosec professional and understanding the hacking and cracking ways of devious individuals, I could manage only a few months on social media. There are other reasons for others not being on social media  like not being comfortable with the sharing ways of the world and so on.

With social media being omnipresent from infancy, being on it or out of it is entirely a personal decision. Which side of the social media bandwagon are you on? In it or Out of it?

Note: I am not so much of an “outcast” now 😉 but there are many others who still prefer to be that way and I totally respect that!



4 thoughts on “Social media outcasts”

  1. I’m in the same boat as kristinakoti, I mostly use social media to share my writing, though I do put up the odd photo for things like birthdays, getting engaged, moving house, that sort of thing. Other than that I just scroll through my friend’s posts and use it to see how their getting along.

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