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Ganesh Chathurthi in Bengaluru,India!

‘ Ganesh Chathurthi’ is the birthday of Lord Ganesh – the first son of Lord Shiva and Shri Parvati according to Hindu mythology and it is celebrated for 10 days. Lord Ganesh is the elephant faced God and is the remover of obstacles. He is worshipped before beginning any task to achieve absolute success in it.

Celebrating Ganesh Chathurthi at home:

During the festival of Ganesh Chathurthi, many devotees buy a new idol of Lord Ganesh(made with clay or other materials) and decorate him with flowers and fruits. Markets are abuzz with the arrival of different statues of Lord Ganesh in different sizes and different themes.


Ganesha’s in clay models and painted models along with ‘Gowri Ganesha’ (Ganesha’s mother)


More Ganesha’s in different sizes


Flowers, fruits(wood apple – Lord Ganesh’s special fruit), ‘arugampul'(a type of grass – which is very special of for Lord Ganesh), mango leaves, small banana plants all abound the market. It is a treat to watch and experience the shopping scene around this time. Road side vendors sell the different things for a very small price.



Roses in plenty!

Devotees also make ‘modaks'(made of rice flour, jaggery and coconut as one of its fillings) and ‘sundal'(made of garbanzo beans or moong dal and other spices and coconut) to Lord Ganesh and welcome him home.

‘Rangoli’ is drawn before houses and kids and adults are all dressed in fine ethnic wear making it an absolutely delightful event!


Rangoli before the house!

He is immersed after 1, 3,5,7 or 11 days.


Due to several environmental concerns, many opt for clay made Ganesha’s instead of ‘plaster of paris’ ones.


This helps one to immerse the idols at home in a pail of water. Immersing the idol after the apt day completes the Ganesh Chathurthi festival.



1 thought on “Ganesh Chathurthi in Bengaluru,India!”

  1. I love all Indian festivals. they bring just another color to your mundane life.
    And personally I feel, the Ganesh puja is just wonderful and breathtaking in Mumbai. You would love it there. But these pictures to bring out the memory.
    Happy Ganesh Puja.
    (I would also like you to checkout my blog. Any sort of comments or criticism would be appreciated. Thank you)


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