The Rise of Whatsapp Journalism

In today’s social media frenzy, there has been a quiet revolution of sorts. Where do most of us get our  most up to date news today? Is it thru good old newspapers, radio or the ever green TV or social media channels?  It is probably from the raging and popular Whatsapp groups!! 🙂 People who earlier shunned the other social media channels have now embraced Whatsapp, thanks be to its anonymity and “groups” feature. There are family groups, school groups, college groups , birthday groups, groups for functions and so on!!

What is Whatsapp Journalism?

Wikipedia defines “Journalism” as “the work and distribution of reports on the interaction of events, facts, ideas, and people that are the “news of the day” and that informs society to at least some degree”. “Whatsapp Journalism” is when we receive our daily dose of any type of news from our several Whatsapp groups. With the rise in social media channels and the ever present urge to share information, Whatsapp journalism has increased enabling certain news pieces to become viral!  The only catch when receiving the news from several Whatsapp groups is figuring out whether the said news is really authentic or not!!

Consider the case of Northeast exodus in 2012:

With any type of news today at ease of being viral, Whatsapp journalism will continue to dominate our lives. It is up to us to filter the news from the non-news and react to it!


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