Release the pressure?

It is the month of March in India. Parents and students are studying more than ever. TV time is cut, after school play is cut, after school activities are cut and it is time to cram with the books.

The final exams for most grades are here and the 10th and 12th grade students and parents are under more pressure than others! Why is it this way?  This is because this is considered to be the turning point in their young lives. The 12th grade scores are supposed to be the stepping stone to getting admission to good colleges –  which in turn will ensure that they get placed in good organizations too four years down the line (taking a engineering degree as an example)

But even as I see a number of campaigns telling us, parents, to ‘Release the pressure’ and not stress the students that much(and quotes such as ‘Marks is not everything’) – is it really possible in India? Here are my thoughts on why it is not possible:


  1. India has a huge population and along with it comes competition. Only when you are in India, do you realize how stiff the competition can be. Each and every student is brilliant and each and every student will motivate the other student to study even better. This definitely puts pressure on the students to study harder and slog more!
  2. Most organizations that the students will eventually work for will ask for ’10th grade mark sheets, 12th grade mark sheets, degree mark sheets'(why? I wonder – is it not enough just asking for degree mark sheets)
  3. Most of the parents themselves(like many in my generation) are in good positions today just because of studying and getting good marks in all our board exams and colleges. So, this in turn puts pressure on the students of today – they have to do as their parents did or better them in academics and career!

With the points mentioned, is it really possible to ‘Release the pressure?’ 😦 The only way that I think the pressure can be reduced is if :

  1. I think most colleges do not ask for 12th grade mark sheets – but it is better if all the colleges only rely on entrance exams to select candidates for their programs
  2. Organizations not asking for 10th and 12th grade mark sheets when inducting new candidates into their organizations.

Until the colleges and organizations stop asking for 10th and 12th grade mark sheets and we as individuals and families stop making a big deal of marks and grades, the pressure will not be released!



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