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My girl!

These are not easy times…neither me, your father or brother have gone through such times at your age! The pandemic has made sure that you have not seen your school for the past 2 years and you have not seen your school friends in person for the past 2 years as well! There have been no in-person birthday parties, no sports day, no annual day, less in-person exams, no school bus rides, no bus gossips and no in-person fights… 😉 There have been a lot of “no”, “no” and more “no” and “virtual”, “virtual” and “virtual” the past 2 years…..

But I love the way all of you children have taken the pandemic in your stride. You have adapted to virtual classes, virtual birthday parties, virtual art classes, online exams and virtual meetups. You have been in touch with everyone and have a gala time even though virtually! I love you all the more for this!! 🙂

The ICSE boards suddenly decided to change the pattern of exam to two semesters at the last minute and you all adapted very well. All along, ICSE was only focused on “keywords” and now, MCQs popped up at the last minute. All the children adjusted very well and as parents we could only sit in awe and admire the children for their adjustment!

Today the 10th grade ICSE Semester 1 results were declared and I just love your scores. Congratulations for achieving such awesome marks(even though you could have done a tad bit better!! 😉 😉 (After all, I am an Indian mother and I have to expect the perfect scores in any exam, don’t I? 😉 ;))

You have undergone a lot more this academic year in addition to the pandemic. You had a nasty bout of physical sickness in October that had to get you hospitalized for 2 days. You sailed through it all with your giggly and joyful self(in sharp contrast to your brother! ;)) You appeared for Grade 10 semester 1 physical exams and had a good time in November and December(or did I have good time dropping you and picking you from school? 😉 ;))

At 5 ft 3 inches you are the shortest in a family of tallies!! 🙂 Yet, you don’t care about that either and are just happy with yourself!! 🙂 You have a sweet mind of your own and we have our regular mother – daughter fights!! 🙂 We always agree to disagree and have never ending dramas and arguments. If there is one person who never agrees with me in the house – it has to be you!! 🙂 Yet, it is never in a bad taste and I am always surprised how the youngest person in the house never agrees with me… 😉 🙂

It is also always amusing that you are my sharpest food critic as well! You have your own dressing sense and we both can never agree on clothing attire for you. We have been having attire battles from the time you were in grade 2!! 🙂

You have been teaching me the meaning of acronyms such as “smh”, “idrk”, “yeet” and more…:) sometimes, I feel like I am in a Greek land !! 🙂

Yet, you are one of two people who follow my InfoSec teachings diligently. You do not put your picture anywhere, use a safe and private browser and do not get carried away by social media sharing ! 🙂 You know all the nitty gritty details about OTP, Single Sign on, and other basic InfoSec concepts. You also know that CISSP is a leading InfoSec certification! 🙂 You dreamt of becoming a white hat hacker though that might have changed by now.

Whatever, you wish to be -be,my Girl! 🙂 The world is your oyster!! And I will always be there for you!! 🙂

Now, let us get started for Semester 2 exams of Grade 10!! 😉


Amma, Daddy and Anna!

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Have you heard about the new Word game ‘Wordle’ that is supposedly creating ripples around the Internet?

Welcome to yet another addiction just as the third wave looms large! (face palm!)

For the uninitiated – what is ‘Wordle’?

It is the latest game that is rocking the Internet. You can find the game at:


It is a one player game wherein the player gets six tries to guess the five letter ‘WORD OF THE DAY

May be the most curious part about the game when I saw it for the first time for me was the yellow, black and green tiles and the they were arranged. It seemed to be some sort of cryptographic algorithm!! 🙂 Why were they arranged that way and what was the reason behind their colors was my first thought….if you are as curious as me, read on to know more…:)

This is how the game is played:

  1. The player has to guess the five letter ‘WORD OF THE DAY’
  2. You get six tries to guess the word
  3. Once the player guesses the WORD OF THE DAY correctly, the tiles turn all green! 🙂

3. You can type a word and if any of the alphabets typed is present in the ‘WORD OF THE DAY’, it will turn yellow similar to the picture below:

As an example in the above case, the alphabets ‘A’ and ‘B’ are present in the ‘WORD OF THE DAY’ but in different positions, so the tiles turn yellow….so the player goes for a second guess…

4. In the second guess, if the player types an alphabet and if it is present at the exact same position as the ‘WORD OF THE DAY’, it turns green…

As an example, the alphabet ‘B’ appears in the exact same place as in the original ‘WORD OF THE DAY’, hence the tile turns green…

The player continues to play the game and guess the 5 letter WORD OF THE DAY by making use of the yellow and green tile clues… till all the tiles turn green….

Once all the tiles turn green within the six tries, the player has guessed the ‘WORD OF THE DAY and is a winner!! 🙂 The result will look like the one given below:

Can you understand this result? In order to understand it, you have to play it…:) come on and click the link below:


The primary advantage of playing Wordle is you will definitely improve your English vocabulary!! 🙂

Points to note:

Everyone gets the same WORD OF THE DAY

The alphabet in the green tile can be repeated in the WORD OF THE DAY

You can play it on multiple devices to involve more people

You can share it on various social media platforms and have more fun with family and friends! 🙂

Is it addictive?

I am not sure how addictive it is, but let’s just say that I am waiting for the next Wordle… 🙂

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Joint family system vs Nuclear family system – which is better?

India is one of the few countries which has a unique family system – the ‘joint family system’. In a joint family system, it is not only the parents who stay with their grown children and their spouse but there may be other members of the family living together as well. There might be two or three generations of a single paternal or maternal lineage living together. There might be a single family head or a group of elderly family members under whose direction the family might thrive. In a joint family system – food, career, religious regulations, responsibilities, finances might all be shared.

The nuclear family came into existence under the Western influence in India. The nuclear family consists only of the mother, father and the children. Once the children grow up, they will embark on their own independent journey. In a nuclear family, the roles and responsibilities might be shared by the husband and wife.

While many think the joint family system is dead in India, it is not. The bigger cities might not see it as much but the joint family system still exists.

Advantages and disadvantages of a joint family system:

The advantages of a joint family system will definitely be the ability to live together with anybody. Caring and sharing might be the motto behind all joint family systems. Trying to live with one’s own family members might not be easy all the time. But the people in a joint family system have definitely mastered it! 🙂 Learning to let go of certain things, adjusting to each other’s personalities, sharing the financial responsibilities are some of the advantages of a joint family system.

Children will be moulded better by learning to live with everybody. Adults will also get the companionship that they will miss in their old age. There might also be more events and celebrations at home. Children might learn the authentic way to celebrate religious festivals rather than Google it! 🙂 In addition, child care and taking care of elderly will not be given to organisations and will be managed in the family only.

The disadvantages of a joint family system might be the same as the advantage of a joint family system(what an irony! :))

No one might be constantly be able to live with everybody all the time and one will feel like they need some “me” time and “alone time”! There is also a possibility that you might be able to take any independent decisions and act on it instantly.

Advantages and disadvantages of a nuclear family:

The advantages of a nuclear family might be:

  1. the ability to take independent decisions and act on it instantly without asking anybody
  2. Not having to manage too many personal relationships
  3. Just the freedom of doing things your own way
  4. Not having to listen to anybody! 🙂

The disadvantages of nuclear family might be a little more different than other reasons. In a nuclear family, in many instances, the financial responsibility might fall solely on the husband’s shoulders. Thus, running a family, managing the household and the children has to be done only by 2 people (which is not an easy task) The husband -wife duo have to run to other people(baby sitters, day care centres, maids, cooks) to smoothly run their life.

So, which is good for whom? That just depends on each person and each husband-wife duo. If they are not comfortable in a joint family setting, it is better they manage alone and brave it all.

However, man being a social animal and we from India loving family and celebration – it is quite a possibility that most Indians cannot live away and alone all the time! 🙂 and they will live in a bit of both families combined together…:)

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Boy vs Girl – does it really matter?

In 2021, the birth of a boy or a girl should not matter. But it does even today. India being a highly patriarchal society, the birth of a boy is still welcomed and the birth of a girl still evokes confusing feelings(even in bigger cities)

Bringing up, boys and girls – is it any different?

We mostly hear the cliched expressions “girls are easier to bring up” or “boys are easier to bring up” – but having a son and daughter, I have not seen any differences in the easier vs harder part!! Both of them were hard in some ways when they were young and both of them have been easy in some ways too. It is just that their personalities were that way.

Some kids just might be having more energy and might feel like bouncing off the walls 🙂 🙂 (but that is just a “child” thing to do and nothing to do with being a “boy” or “girl”, is what I feel!! 🙂 )

Educating them: Should it be different?

Coming from a family with no brothers, I have never seen my parents having any confusing feelings about bringing us up. We were given all opportunities as any son in the world. We were encouraged to study and always do our best all through school and college ( and I don’t mind studying even today! :)) We did all the professional degree courses and were encouraged to never shy away from studying.

Again, having a son and daughter, I have never shied away from giving the same educational opportunities to both of them (and even if I remotely thought about such a thing, somebody would have definitely shredded me!! 🙂 :)) Ultimately, it is their interest and choice.

Other things: should girls or boys be given different treatment?

My parents never shied away from keeping us away from this or that. We were always encouraged to do anything and everything. I could drive, stay away from home and study in a hostel, learn to play all sports in the world, travel and go on long trips with school/college friends and more. Ultimately, my parents knew that life will happen and we cannot stay protected in a cocoon all the time.

But dangers do lurk everywhere and we were always taught the importance of safety and how to recognize dangers anywhere. So, it is always wise to make the kids understand the risks before giving them the wings to fly.

So, then, why is a boy child still welcomed? Is it

  1. Because they carry the family name forward? (Lucky, us from Tamil Nadu , we don’t have surnames at all, we just use husband’s name or father’s name as our last name :), so, technically, in Tamil Nadu – they should not worry when a girl is born 🙂 🙂 )

2. Is it because, the wealth and other property assets were originally only given to boys ?

That has been altered, now, I think.

3. Is it because originally, sons stayed back as a joint family system?

That also has changed in most families with time. Now anybody stays with parents, – whether it is the son or daughter.

4. Is it because, mostly the sons were the primary bread winners in their house?

Again, that too has changed with the passage of time. Now, girls are equally well educated and can earn well to support their parents or anybody else!

So, what else is the reason for the society to favor boys more than girls? (at least in big cities) Any thoughts?


Where did humanity go?

Warning: Bitter post

After my father was admitted to the ICU on 27th September, 2020, we had to face a barrage of insensitive questions. Sometimes, in dark times, we see a glimmer of hope, a little ray of sunshine, hope and a good soul somewhere. Here, we could not find anything like that even remotely 😦

Looking back, I do understand that the entire medical infrastructure is under stress because of COVID turning all our lives upside down. But total lack of sensitivity to a patient and their family was shocking.

My feelings:

Initially, my father was in the emergency room in a critical condition before being moved to the ICU and my mother was asked questions like:

Do you have sons?”

Who will pay for his medical bills?”

I am not sure whether this is an apt question when a person is fighting for his life and is under respiratory distress. A doctor’s profession, I have always thought is a very noble one. Yes, I have heard many times, that doctors are also only human beings, but asking such questions definitely shocked us.

The only thought that crossed my mind when I heard these questions was whether all sons in this world are looking after their parents perfectly and all daughters are abandoning their parents totally? Is this an Indian mindset?

Anyways, coming to the question, they did not know about my father’s “independant nature”! (he paid all his bills on his own ultimately, he did not need anybody’s help)

The brutal questions and comments did not stop there and it continued as he was in the ICU.

My father was soon shifted from the emergency room to the ICU because his condition was critical. He stabilized after a few days and he needed to have a surgery to help him breathe on his own.

When we went to see different medical practitioners before the surgery, while some of them said they will do their best, others wrote these words in blunt terms;

Death on table can occur, internal bleeding can occur” and wrote all pessimistic things in the medical dictionary and we were expected to sign it, so that they were absolved of all their responsibilities! Saying such things was brutal enough, but giving it in writing was beyond words( yes, truth had to be told, but not in such a way)

I could not imagine if this was the way things were done now. Were we out of the medical loop? We didn’t know if the medical world was always like this or was it in a special avatar because of COVID stress.

While, all of us knew that my father was deteriorating – a little, calm, composed talk was all what we needed to hear.

“He is critical – but we will do our best”

Is what I was yearning to hear, but never heard.

In the 2 weeks that my father was in the ICU(we could not meet him in person because of COVID, only video calls were allowed), I was the person who was constantly motivating them to never give up hope! They were only preparing us for the eventuality. I almost felt that the medical team gives up hope once a person is aged and has co-morbidities. They immediately stop fighting for the person. We could not understand how a life could be taken so lightly without a fight.

Improvements in the ICU:

While he was in the ICU, after the initial rough days, my father’s condition stabilized and he was soon following people in the ICU with his eyes(that was big milestone for him) and showing small improvements.

With all the hope and constant video calls he learnt to recognize us and even spoke a few words to us through the video calls( his brain definitely started to work a bit more)

In the preceding evening before he passed away, he recognized all of us through the video call and when I asked him “How are you?”,

He said, “I am fine” (I could almost cry that day when he told me “I am fine” – when the doctors had given up hope and he was hooked up with tubes and wires and was in the ICU) Well, that was my father…never giving up hope and always saying positive things..

Unfortunately, he suffered a cardiac arrest the very next day morning and he passed away. Even then, I was called first as he was having his cardiac arrest and told to prepare for anything. I did not understand that either – why should one make a phone call when one is doing CPR on a patient? Is this the way it is supposed to be done?

The same evening, except for 2 rituals, we daughters also did all last rites for my father ( I am sure he would have not wanted it any other way)

Life after my father:

After my father passed away, I was totally mad. Why? Because – I felt more could have been done. We would have felt more relieved if there was more “try” in the picture.

A bit more calmer now, I do understand all doctor’s and their woes in these trying times. We are very thankful for him getting admitted at least in a hospital in these difficult days. But I definitely do not want to see anybody suffer the way my father suffered. To prevent it all, I could say a few things definitely for elderly parents:

  • Find a doctor who believes in you and whom you believe in
  • It is always good to eat a proper diet and manage whatever exercise can be done(that of course goes for any age, I guess)
  • Break the stereotype- whether sons or daughters – if you can and are nearby your parents and they need help, please look after them. Don’t wait for the brothers to go running to them.
  • Early detection for any disease is absolutely important
  • Any medication changes should be done in a careful way
  • Neurological medications are very powerful – use them with care
  • With today’s medical billing, fees will run high – be prepared for it
  • And you only have one set of parents – fight for them !
  • God is there!

As for us, behind all the social media smiles and emojis, everybody is learning to heal but in a different way. I always remember his teachings and propagate them to my children(they know it already!! :)) For me he is always my “Super man” who is always shining light on my path. I know what he will say for each of our actions as he is watching and guiding us in our journey. He will definitely be proud of how tough and strong we are in difficult times.

These 3 writings do not do full justice to the person my father was. It is just a small drop in my father ocean and I am sure he is proud of all of us and the way we are trying to move forward in life!

PS: The medical fraternity never found the reason for my father’s respiratory distress. It was just blamed on Parkinsons disease.

Love you appa!! There can be no one like you!!

Other thoughts on my father: The cruelty of Parkinsons disease

Celebration of Appa


The cruelty of Parkinsons:

My father was diagnosed with Parkinsons disease in 2014. I wrote a post about Parkinsons disease which is available in my ebook. Parkinsons is a neurological condition that affects the brain and slowly robs the person of their abilities to do a variety of everyday tasks which is chiefly characterized by tremors(buttoning their shirt, dressing themselves, taking bath, eating on their own – all become difficult after a while) In India, unfortunately awareness about Parkinsons and Alzhemiers disease is poor. Having lived in the US I knew a lot about Parkinsons disease and Alzhemier’s disease. Research is continuously ongoing in these areas to alleviate the difficulties of those who are suffering.

2014 – 2016

My father was in denial for a long time and he was on the lowest dose of Syndopa (the most popular medicine to treat Parkinsons) for almost 2 years. He still hadn’t visited a neurologist and maintained his almost normal routines.

Through the 2 years, his walk changed and I was quick to notice it even though we visited him in Chennai only occasionally. His type of walk was known as “shuffling”. His balance was also getting more harder. He slowly reduced his outside walks because he knew something was definitely bothering him. He very rarely complained about his physical difficulties and the only thing that he told me once was that his limbs were feeling “stiff”( a totally Parkinsons condition)

We never really understood what was hard for him and what was easy for him as the days progressed. We just had to take a guess( he won’t tell – are all men that way?) As an example, if he was not interested in looking at the books that he used to love to read, we have to understand that he found reading difficult. If he was not reading the newspaper, we had to understand that he was not able to read the newspaper. If he did not go for walks outside, we had to understand that he found walking difficult. They say women are hard to understand, but we three women could never decipher my father !

He finally did visit the neurologist around 2016 and his medicines were properly adjusted. He seemed to be walking much better for some time. In the meantime, he also did his own research about the disease and cut out newspaper articles and understood that in addition to medicines, it was exercise and physical therapy that will help him.

Thankfully, he never had bad and visible tremors (his type of Parkinsons was known as ‘Vascular Parkinsons’ is what I learnt later, which affects the lower body more than the upper body) In spite of all the medications and physical therapy exercises, he soon had numerous falls in 2019. He was lucky that in each of his falls, he did not suffer a fracture. After a long time, he understood that this was a monstrous, irreversible and progressive disease. He finally agreed to move closer to where we stayed so that we could all fight this monster together.

2019 and the move:

This was probably the best thing for all of us as we could care for him with all our might. He was at the happiest and simplest best for almost 9 months. His health picked up and he was decently independent inside the house with the help of a walker. Everyday, I used to visit him and he used to welcome me and we used to gorge on my mother’s yummy food(even though, both of us were trying to lose weight!! :))

In the mean time, he did have other age related issues like dementia. He did forget a lot of things but remembered his bank days from 20 – 30 years ago. The Parkinsons medications used to give him a lot of confusion too. But we just adjusted and helped him along instead of putting him on more medications.

By late July 2020, a small trigger caused a cascading effect of bad reactions on him. He started to sleep more and more and his brain started deteriorating rapidly . Since, COVID was running the show, we could not take him to the hospital as freely as before. We did numerous video appointments with the doctor and we were quite confident that he will get up soon.

He did talk freely when lying down though his speech was increasingly getting slurred.But he was vocal and could tell the tastes of different food items and used to crack jokes here and there. We still did think he would get better all along and the physical therapist did come regularly all through August.

Then, started the respiratory issues. We had no idea, where those respiratory issues came from(no, he was COVID negative – we had kept him safe to avoid any other health issue) His respiratory issues were bad when he was lying down(and it was diagnosed as sleep apnea) Our video appointments with the doctors continued. COVID was at its peak in September in India and in spite of having respiratory distress at that time, we were never asked to get him admitted at any point of time or even be seen in person at the doctors ( maybe because of COVID? – we never understood why)

By early and mid September, he started deteriorating even more. There are no words to explain what he underwent in mid September. His brain was suffering a lot and it pained us all to see him that way. He had involuntary movements of the eye, hands and head. We tried our level best to keep him happy and talked to him all the time. In spite of all the dementia, he never forgot the three of us and recognized us any time.

By late September, we knew COVID or no COVID, he had to be admitted to the hospital. He was taken into the ICU on 27th September after battery of heartless questions at the hospital.

Up next…’Where did humanity go’?

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Celebration of “Appa”!!

I cannot write about my father in a single post..rather, me, my mother and my sister and the entire family will need several books to write about him. That is how much he powered our lives and kept us going…..he was the role model for me and many of us all of our lives!

He was witty, far ahead of his times, always thinking out of the box, terrific orator, a social butterfly(now you know where I get my social skills from!! :)) and just plain smart!!I was a total “Daddy’s girl” and he molded me completely…

When I was young, I used to tell my mom that I wanted to get married to somebody like my father 🙂 I adored him that much… (no, my husband and my father are similar but still dissimilar in their ways and I liked it that way, finally 🙂 )

His younger days:

My father was never an emotional person(atleast, not in front of me!) and we had never heard him talk about his younger days. He was just determined to come up in life and so he stepped out of his parents place at a certain point to make and carve a name for himself!

He motivated himself to prepare and study for the State Bank of India Probationary Officers exam and got selected right away!(this was way, way long ago – when not many knew about the PO exam) There was nobody in the family who was in the banking sector till then – so he did it all by himself due to sheer self motivation.

Even though he was from a small place in Tamil Nadu, he also made it a point to study and excel in English and he did with flying colors. He could talk in English eloquently and made sure that we both daughters were also educated in good schools and spoke excellently.

How he brought us up:

My mother was always the pillar behind my father and she used to admire the way he brought us up. He was not the shy looking-from-far father – he was a father who was very,very active in his children’s lives. These were just a few things that he taught us that still ring in my ears:

a. Be smart and independant:

My father always instructed all of us in the house to be “independant” and “smart”.

“Be smart, ma” or “Smartaa irungaa, ma”….

“Be independant, ma” – his voice would go and we would wonder what that really meant! (now, we know)

b. Dress well:

He loved anybody who was brave and all who dressed up well. For him, if it is a shirt, the collar has to be pulled down correctly..otherwise, he is not going to be too happy. If it it is a school uniform, clothes have to be neatly ironed and tucked in properly.

I was encouraged to do beauty treatments(but me being me , I was hardly interested!!) He always admired my mother’s way of dressing up and encouraged me to dress like her(but, me…ha, ha!! :))

c. Good role models:

In my younger days, he used to like Steffi Graf and soon I was also encouraged to like her 🙂 We rooted for her in all her tennis matches!! He would select nice role models for us (like Graf) and encouraged us to emulate them. He always wanted the girls in his life to be tough, strong, smart and independent and be successful in life!

d. Read good magazines

Since the world was very small when we were young(no Internet then), he bought us magazines like Femina and Women’s Era and encouraged us to look at the world in a wider way.

e. Don’t dwell:

Since we were 3 women in his life, we would have emotional party every now and then. But he was a very patient father and husband and never reprimanded us for drowning in our pity party. My foot surgery and the confusion after that severely jolted me. He waited for almost a year, till I drowned in my worries and then told me firmly, “Enough of thinking about the same thing again and again…now, move on” . Yes, after a while, he did not like to dwell on the various ifs and buts…

f. Plan and organize

He was a dynamic personality who grew by leaps in the banking sector. Since he was in a transferable job in the bank, we would get transferred every four years and that led us to travel to North India as well. He used to go first to the location and did all the planning. He did do a lot of research on the schools nearby, find a suitable accomodation and then shift us.

I had a sudden move from Chennai to Mumbai and had a tough time adjusting from Tamil to Hindi in 5th grade. But he knew it all and found tuition teachers to help me with the transition.

This type of research continued into the college years too. Before I was set to enter college, he used to check which subject will rock the world in the coming years( and this was 1989!) Surprise, surprise – it was “Computer Science” that was said to change the world and soon both of his daughters were studying that in college(he was far sighted, I tell you!)

He always maintained a neat diary where everything was written and planned.

g. Other funny tidbits

When we used to go to a Bata store to buy a shoe, we “had” to wear the shoe/chappal and walk up and down and show it to him… it is not short walk that we have to do – we have to really walk the store…:)

His favorite saying was always “The proof of the pudding is in its eating”

He was amused by the birthday/anniversary/Diwali wishes every year that appear over and over again ever since Whatsapp came into existence…he used to ask me “It comes every year – what is so special?” and now, even I wonder the same….

When he spoke, you couldn’t help but listen to him. He had amazing oratorical skills!! All my friends from school knew him, all my friends from college knew him and all my friends from wherever I stayed knew him … and he knew them all too! 🙂 He loved just the aspect of people. My paternal grand parents family, my maternal grandparents family – there was not a soul who did not come to him for advice or a nice talk.

He also had every girl relative in the world. He was blessed with an elder sister, younger sister(amongst other siblings), wife, mother, 2 daughters and 2 grand daughters and all of us dearly loved him. In fact, there cannot be a single person who couldn’t have fallen in love with him!

In spite of talking so much, sometimes, I think I hardly knew anything about him – I didn’t know what his favorite color was, what his favorite hobby was (he used to like to read books) and more. Did he really like Chennai? Did he like life in the bank? Did he like to study history?(he was M.A. in History) What did he really like? I was the one who used to keep questioning him all the time!! 🙂 But the answers were vague…I didn’t know -but my mother might know…

Anyways, he was always the magician who could solve all our problems.Even after we got married, we could run to him and my mother for anything and everything!

School admission – he was there, college admission – he was there, when his grand kids were born – he was there, he was just proud of whatever his daughters did…and he was the rock for us all…

He loved all three of us in different ways and all three of us loved him in different ways. We will always love you and we will always miss you appa!

Dedicated to my father who passed away on 11th October 2020

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Indian Matchmaking

The show ‘Indian Matchmaking’ on Netflix is all about India’s famed arranged marriages and how it works. My Twitter TL and all my social media feeds are talking about this and I also had to jump in and give my thoughts too!! 🙂 🙂

I had already blogged about this unique way of getting married a while back(which is available in my e-book now)

With lockdown, no maid and too much work all around me…what do I do? Binge watch this series on Netflix 🙂 🙂

No, this is not a spoiler post or anything to do with each and every episode featured but my thoughts on the whole series:

  1. If you haven’t heard at all, this is the story of an Indian match maker who is trying to find a suitable match for Indians in India and US
  2. Depending on your age, you will either be hooked onto it and binge watch to finish it! 🙂 …or you couldn’t care much… 😉
  3. Nothing has changed in the match making scene in India and now Indian-Americans in the US are involved in this drama too(and I have been married for long time now – so I have also gone through the whole drama 🙂 :))
  4. If at all anything, Indian marriages are more pompous now(more gold flows now and there are pre-wedding photo shoots, and more and more photo shoots, I heard)
  5. Requirements for a “fair, good looking bride” still seem to be in the trend(I cant imagine using the word “fair” in US, but in India the word “fair” is liberally used in the marriage scene)
  6. Interestingly, Indians in the US are also using Indian matchmakers to find their life partners this way! (why? :))
  7. First generation Indians in US were just happy that they are in the US
  8. Second generation Indians definitely have different issues as far as settling down is concerned
  9. If women are super successful and completely financially independent, do they find it very hard to get married? I don’t know – that is the vibe I got…
  10. I heard this series made many people cringe, but I thought it was a pretty realistic representation
  11. But match making in the Indian scene is a tough job as the entire family is involved and everybody has something to say!! 🙂 🙂

What did you think? Did you care to watch it?

Did you like it or did you just freeze watching it? 🙂


Teenage Cryptography!

I have been studying about the various forms of ‘Cryptography’ in my Information security pursuits in the past 10 years, but there is another form of cryptography that envelops my world currently!

It is teenage cryptography and it is totally new to me and has no rules and no regulations! 🙂 Normally, cryptography has concepts such as ‘key’ and ‘algorithm’. But this one does not have any ‘key’ or ‘algorithm’!! 🙂 It just makes use of your inherent cryptographic skills to crack it…

When I am chatting, most from my generation like to type things neatly and properly so that the other person can understand perfectly well! The maximum I put is a ‘OMG’ and the various emojis..in my chats!! 😉 (really!!) .I don’t even type a ‘LOL’!! (lol!! :)) Now, my teenage daughter just types away and I have a hard time figuring out what she is typing:

Some of them go like this:



















Conversations might go like this:

“Ma bad…I really gtg”!! 🙂

“Srsly, she said dat?” 🙂 🙂


“idk and idc”!!


“nvm….xD” 🙂 🙂

Now, many from my generation might definitely understand this but I am one among the few who is learning the ropes of this new cryptography! What do you think? Was it easy to understand the above code or did you have tough time cracking the code? 🙂