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Book review: Tales for Wise Living

Title: Tales for Wise Living

Author: Dr.V.Sowmyanarayanan

About the Author: Dr.V.Sowmyanarayanan is a Professor by profession, a blogger and also a mridangam artist, painter, and a music lover. He shares his works regularly through his blog titled “GOCARAM” means “perception.” He is a multi-linguist and his thorough knowledge and interest in ancient scriptures, enabled him to work upon an editorial assignments. He does programmes such as talks, quiz, stories etc., in All India Radio, Chennai to promote & propagate languages like Sanskrit & Hindi.

About the book: Ancient Sanskrit Literature is a treasure trove of information and I myself have been enamoured by it. Panchatantra and Hithopadesa are two popular Sanskrit works that are rich in values. While Panchatantra was supposedly written by Sri Vishnu Sarma, Hithopadesa was written by Narayana Pandita. ‘Tales of Wise Living’ translates these ancient works into simple readable format for the users.

‘Tales for Wise Living’ contains 28 little stories based on Panchatantra, Hithopadesa, Maha Bharatha, Markandeya Puraana. ‘Tales for Wise Living’ contains seventeen stories from the Panchathanthra, six from the Hithopadesa, four from the Maha Bharatha and one from the Markandeya Puraana.

It is quite interesting but I have read all of them before and enjoyed them all. Dr. Sowmyanarayanan simplifies all the tales and makes it easy to read. While I have read the translated works earlier, it was nice to see the moral of each story in Sanskrit written below each story as well. The simple values that these tales pass on to current and future generations is really wonderful. Some of the simple tales are ‘Hare and Lion’, ‘Tiger and Greedy Man’, ‘Wisdom is a boon’ and more.

‘Tales for Wise Living’ is a must read for this generation and re-read for older generation which will take them back in time!

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Book review: Itsy Bitsy Spyder by Apeksha Rao

Title: Itsy Bitsy Spyder

Author: Apeksha Rao

Number of pages in the book: 60

About the book: The book totally has five main characters out of which three are women. The relationship between a mother and a teenage daughter is a see-saw battle in most homes. When the daughter tries to choose an entirely different career than what her parents want her to do, it leads to greater misunderstandings and war of words and that is what this book is about.

My thoughts on the book: This book is very well written by debuntante author, Apeksha Rao. Having a teenage daughter at home, I could understand some of the conversations perfectly 🙂 The author seems to have good knowledge about spying and weapons and that shows in her authority when writing about the same.

I liked the fact that the mother character was an extremely powerful character and I also liked the way the daughter was groomed into her parents career path right from a young age…(she knew how to hack into a account when she was twelve(wow! :)))

Will the daughter choose the career of her choice or will she be forced to take up an alien career? Waiting for the next book to find my answer! 🙂

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