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Do you like to ‘Floss’? :)

No – not the dental floss…but the dance ‘floss’… 🙂 If you are mother/parent to a a child who is 10 years old and up, chances are, you already know what I am talking about… 🙂 and have already practiced the moves and may even have perfected it… 🙂

If you have no idea what I am talking about, read on… ‘Floss’ is the latest dance that involves moving the hips and arms in opposite directions and one has to do it repetitively. It seems to be pretty viral, since kids around me are continuously flossing all the time! 🙂


Where else can we see the ‘floss’?

Girls, boys – the ‘floss’ does not seem to be partial to any particular gender – they are all twirling away!! In addition to the kids constantly flossing around me, if you live in India – I am sure you have seen the Swiggy advertisement and the mom learning to floss through a dance video!

In addition, if you have watched the latest Indian movie ‘2.0’ – the Rajini starrer, the superstar flosses like a true and thorough professional!!:)

Parents, siblings and ‘flossing’!!  🙂

If kids are constantly shaking their hips and hands, can the rest of the family be far behind? 🙂 I thought this was a trend only in India with kids teaching their parents and siblings to floss, but I think it is a trend that is going all over the world. Either the parents are interested in learning to “floss” or the kids are eager to teach them…. either way, it looks like we are all twisting and twirling with the happy experience!! 🙂

I admit I was stunned to see the number of videos

“teaching parents how to floss” and how most of the time,

“parents don’t get it”!! 🙂

Children hold their parents arms, raise it up and say “go up like this” and move the arms in the opposite direction and say “go down like this” !! 🙂 They give more directions on the movement of hips and finally the children walk away with a sigh and say

“I think you are doing it all the wrong” or “You need to do it a bit slow”!! 🙂 (Karma coming back at us?! :)) or even better

“she is not getting it!!” 🙂

While we as parents are still trying to master the fine art of shaking the hips and arms… the almost teen in my house shakes herself away wondering why we take so much time to master it!  In the mean time, I wonder what the next fad will be and “how” or “if” I will master it!

So, what has your experience been? Have you learnt to floss successfully or is it embarrassing for your kids?! 🙂