Wayanad, Kerala

Continuing in the series of being enraptured by India and its beautiful locales we visited Wayanad, Kerala in 2015. ‘Wayanad’ is the district situated in the north eastern part of the state of Kerala and is nestled in the Western ghats . ‘ Kerala’ is ‘God’s own country’ and perfectly lives up to this name. The air is free of pollution and the natural greenery makes it a great getaway for those tired of a hectic city life. Just breathing the natural air makes you feel more relaxed and cozying up on mother nature’s lap is the ultimate experience.


Kuruva Island:

We visited ‘Kuruva island’ which is an island which can only be reached by a raft. This island is situated about 40 kms from Kalpetta.  The island is uninhabited and is situated on the Kabini river. Entry to the island is restricted during the monsoon season. The natural landscape of the place is disturbed only by visiting humans and the place is surrounded by lush vegetation and greenery. It is also home to different species of birds. The entire experience of walking the 2 km stretch across the island is an enchanting one for nature lovers.


At the end of the 2 km stretch is the Kabini river where one can dip their feet in water and relax and have fun.

Banasurasagar dam:

Our next stop was the ‘Banasurasagar’ dam. The ‘Banasurasagar’ dam is the second largest earth dam in Asia and the largest earth dam in India. It is situated at the foothills of the Banasura hill.


The view from the speed boat ride was a mesmerizing experience and being surrounded by Banasura hills along the speed boat ride was a new one.



Horse back rides and shopping for new types of plants from the local nursery completed our Banasurasagar experience.

Ayurveda and Kerala:

No trip to Kerala is complete without looking at Ayurveda. Ayurveda and Kerala go hand in hand. All those who seek a different form of treatment move to the Ayurvedic form of  treatment. The medicinal herbs found in the Western Ghats help all those with pains and aches. There are variety of ‘thailams’ like the ‘Dhanavantri thailam’ that soothe sore joints.

The air was  fresh and clean and life was innocent at Wayanad, Kerala. We came away taking precious memories of ‘God’s own country’.