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Indian Matchmaking

The show ‘Indian Matchmaking’ on Netflix is all about India’s famed arranged marriages and how it works. My Twitter TL and all my social media feeds are talking about this and I also had to jump in and give my thoughts too!! 🙂 🙂

I had already blogged about this unique way of getting married a while back(which is available in my e-book now)

With lockdown, no maid and too much work all around me…what do I do? Binge watch this series on Netflix 🙂 🙂

No, this is not a spoiler post or anything to do with each and every episode featured but my thoughts on the whole series:

  1. If you haven’t heard at all, this is the story of an Indian match maker who is trying to find a suitable match for Indians in India and US
  2. Depending on your age, you will either be hooked onto it and binge watch to finish it! 🙂 …or you couldn’t care much… 😉
  3. Nothing has changed in the match making scene in India and now Indian-Americans in the US are involved in this drama too(and I have been married for long time now – so I have also gone through the whole drama 🙂 :))
  4. If at all anything, Indian marriages are more pompous now(more gold flows now and there are pre-wedding photo shoots, and more and more photo shoots, I heard)
  5. Requirements for a “fair, good looking bride” still seem to be in the trend(I cant imagine using the word “fair” in US, but in India the word “fair” is liberally used in the marriage scene)
  6. Interestingly, Indians in the US are also using Indian matchmakers to find their life partners this way! (why? :))
  7. First generation Indians in US were just happy that they are in the US
  8. Second generation Indians definitely have different issues as far as settling down is concerned
  9. If women are super successful and completely financially independent, do they find it very hard to get married? I don’t know – that is the vibe I got…
  10. I heard this series made many people cringe, but I thought it was a pretty realistic representation
  11. But match making in the Indian scene is a tough job as the entire family is involved and everybody has something to say!! 🙂 🙂

What did you think? Did you care to watch it?

Did you like it or did you just freeze watching it? 🙂

2 thoughts on “Indian Matchmaking”

  1. haha!i enjoyed reading your post. i liked the show because it shows the reality in such satire and sarcasm. in no way i thought it is promoting all the negatives that it is showing. people need to start taking it as a “conversation starter” rather than only pouring hate towards it. like they say “truth is always bitter”.

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